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Red Lanterns 13 (SPOILERS) and a little talk about the 3rd Arm-y.

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I actually enoyed this a bit though I thought that the ring arm that was torn off the red lantern was gonna go to the girl.

Also who else loves the whole tear-off-thier-ring-arm-to-assimilate-them thing? I freaking love that, its Blackest night brutal but with a new-ish twist!

Last, when I was reading the other issue 13s I've was saying to myslef like crazy "GO FOR THE EYES YOU IDIOTS!!"... I'm glad Atrocitus had the same idea. That being said, he only needed about 1/4 of the text for stating this...

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Liking it so far...let's see how much DC can push these Lanterns. Will we get a real casualty?

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