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May 20014 Sales Numbers

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1May 20014 Sales Numbers Empty May 20014 Sales Numbers on Sat Jul 12, 2014 4:01 pm

Here are the Lantern May Numbers per John Mayo on Comicbook Resources

(My Merc with a Podcast host, Scott, runs the X-Men numbers on our forums so I thought I'd run the Lantern numbers for you guys).

May 20014 Sales Numbers 52014lantern

While Green Lantern used to be a top ten book it's currently in the 39th spot with the highest sales of the Lantern books of 43,769.  It's currently selling better than Superman, Batman and.

Sinestro is ranked second place but has the highest drop of 25.47% from the first issue.  It's selling better than Earth 2, Flash, Aquaman, Batgirl and then Wonder Woman.

Corps is the only title to actually have an increase in numbers of 6.79%.  

Red Lanterns had the smallest drop in numbers of 0.18% and is actually selling more than New Guardians...that surprised me.

Larfleeze is waaaay in cancellation territory (no surprise there) with a drop of 2.36% leaving it in the low twelve thousand range.

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