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The DC Animated Universe - As a Whole

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1The DC Animated Universe - As a Whole Empty The DC Animated Universe - As a Whole on Wed Apr 10, 2013 11:48 pm

With the announcement that the DC animated adaptation of "Flashpoint" may serve as a platform to re-launch the DC animated universe (similar how to the actual event rebooted the DCU itself), I thought it prudent to discuss the animated universe thus far. At least, the direct to DVD animated films. Also, it seems Bruce Timm has also stepped down as well, meaning they may never be the same again...maybe.

For refreshers, they are as follows:

Batman: Gotham Knight
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
Green Lantern: First Flight
Justice League: New Frontier
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
Batman: Year One
Batman: Under the Red Hood
Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
Wonder Woman
All-Star Superman
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights
Justice League: Doom
Superman Vs. The Elite
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part One
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part Two

Those that have yet to be released are:

Superman: Unbound (based on Geoff Johns' "Braniac" storyline that led into "New Krypton" & "World of New Krypton")
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

...and, for giggles, here are the animated shorts that accompanied them:

DC Showcase: The Spectre
DC Showcase: Jonah Hex
DC Showcase: Green Arrow
DC Showcase: Catwoman
Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam

With few exceptions ("Superman: Doomsday" & "Superman vs. The Elite") I think DC has put out some of the greatest animated features I've ever seen. "Batman: Under the Red Hood" is my personal favorite.

I know that occasionally the geeks of Comic Geek Speak discuss these features when they release, but I'm partial to the grand retrospective topics. So I was wondering what your thoughts were on the features? What stands out? What sucked? Were there any special features you liked? (in some ways, I first started buying these in the two disc format for the character documentarys some of them had) What'd you think of the Showcase featurettes? (I love them all but I particularly enjoyed the Spectre)

If the DC Animated Universe reboots, what of the New 52 do you hope to see adapted? If it doesn't, what do you hope to see adapted from the old DCU?

For me:

New 52:

Wonder Woman
Batman: Court/Night of Owls
Aquaman: The Others

Old DCU:

Sinestro Corps War
Blackest Night
Crisis on Infinite Earths
Firestorm (anything really)
Ragman (pre-crisis)
Superman: New Krypton/World of New Krypton
Legion of Superheroes: Great Darkness Saga OR Legion of Three Worlds
Solomon Grundy (the Scott Kolins mini series)

Just a few thoughts. Have at it!


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