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How's everyone in the NorthEast?

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1 How's everyone in the NorthEast? on Wed Oct 31, 2012 7:58 am

How'd you all weather the storm?

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2 Re: How's everyone in the NorthEast? on Wed Oct 31, 2012 10:49 pm

Lauren and I lost power for slightly less than a day, but aside from that we are fine. Our cars are fine, we live in an apartment and the building is fine, we got very lucky. My brother lives in Long Beach, and over there it was horrible. No clean water, mandatory evacuations, cars exploding from salt water hitting the gas tanks with live wires down. They lost a LOT of stuff, and at the moment their cars don't work at all. Hopefully they can be salvaged.

I know Dan is ok, no house damage, but they are without power. Probably going to be that way for a week or 2, optimistically.

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3 Re: How's everyone in the NorthEast? on Mon Nov 05, 2012 2:43 am

We're ok. Family and friends are fine. No damage to the house from wind, and we got no water in any form whatsoever. Power was out, so the biggest problem we had was the cold. Things are basically back to normal for us now. We got lucky. Our house is about a mile from the ocean, with train tracks at about the half way mark. Everything on the other side of the tracks was utterly devastated. Houses are partially (in some case, almost entirely) under water. Boardwalks are splinters. An entire town has been condemned. Parts of this state just flat out do not exist any more...I can't put a finer point on it than that, no hyperbolae, parts of New Jersey do not exist anymore.

Here's the town of Mantaloking, about three miles away from me. BEFORE the storm.

Here it is NOW.

Brick Township, about four miles away from me. BEFORE.


I don't have any "more local" pictures myself, and all the good ones I can find on google tend to be about the area surrounding the boardwalk that drives the tourism I hate so much, so what the hell, here's that:

I feel almost guilty for being ok. And having power, and internet, and heat, and cable, and zero damage, while so many people either only have some combonation of that, or none of it. And every day at work, I'm interacting with those people, one on one, hearing every single one of their horror stories, seven hours a day. So yeah. There's that.

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