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Corps Conjecture: Semi-Ludicrous Theories on DC's Lantern Titles...

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So I figured I'd pull a Corwin and just create one over arcing topic that covers the entirety of my blog and post whenever something new goes up on the site. (That was a loving jab

New blog post is up!

This one breaks down the single page splash of prophecy from 'Green Lantern #11'. You DEFINITELY want to check this one out!

Also, if you feel inclined to comment, please make sure you drop a comment directly on the post as it helps increase visibility and traffic to my blog. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm actively attempting to increase traffic that way. I've got some things in the works that will require some higher numbers so every little bit helps!

If you like what you see over there on my blog, you can also follow it! Just fyi.

Thanks for reading!

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If you're not checking out Corps Conjecture you're missing out!

Corwin: I don't think I agree with you about Sinestro and his Yellow Ring. I think (and Hope) he'll claim it again. Maybe even use it to work with the Green Lanterns (minus the Guardians). Understanding fear probably gives him an advantage when using a Green Ring. Hell I'll settle for him keeping one ring in reserve.

I think I agree with your other theories. Certainly if the Guardians turn to the White Light to power their Corps or their new champion then Hal or Sinestro must take up the opposite. And since the Third Army seems to infect the living they probably cannot infect dead matter.

That's my two cents at least.

Corwin has a good point. There was the prophecy that Hal would become the greatest Black Lantern, and what better way then to use a Black ring to fight the Third Army?

I think Kyle has the best chance of merging the 7 colors to use white, but I don't know that I think he will be the one to actually wield the white ring. Like, he'll have access, but someone else will actually NEED the ring, like Abin.

Not to mention, Hal and Sinestro, both dead right now. So is Abin. So it would be pretty stupid of them NOT to try and get Abin to help them out from the other side as long as they're there.

Oh, and good point about the Manhunters being inorganic and that being an advantage against the Third Army.

... So go check the blog out and comment there!

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I tried to think of a comment but you guys summed it up nicely so I don't know what to add. I'll keep checking in for new blogs though. Sounds like you got some good stuff coming up!

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Thanks ya'll! I really do Blume. And I PROMISE I'm not just blowing smoke. BTW, you're more than welcome to comment anyways on the blog. In fact, I encourage it. For myself and the blog that I participate in, I find that commenting frequently allows me to keep up with the blog better...that is, if I want to keep up with it. Not assuming thats what you want here...just giving my two cents

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New post is UP over on Corps Conjecture!

You've probably heard of Super-dickery on the part of Superman in the past, but my god these three issues of Action Comics are so amazing I just HAD to cover them on my blog. No, nothing to do with Green Lantern in this one (save for a brief cameo) but it was too incredible to pass up. Go read the lengthy entry and LAUGH and LAUGH and LAUGH...

and don't forget to COMMENT!

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Well, I figured since you weren't paying attention to individual posts, maybe one out of a group would catch your eye....

1) Impatient and can't wait for the Lanterncast episode recapping NYCC? Check out the recap from my perspective below!

2) Miss out on the 1998 'Ghosts' annuals blog cross over? Check out my post including an EXCLUSIVE interview with Bernie Wrightson and EXCLUSIVE art by Darryl Banks and Mike Gallagher!

3) Curious as to if I believe Johns plans on keeping Hal around for awhile or not? Read the conjecture!

4)Just like good old fashioned respect between professionals? Check out the blog reader appreciation award post I did just TODAY! Maybe you'll discover something you didn't know about!

There you go. Hopefully one of those four catches your fancy. If they do, don't forget to comment on the post! Or if you like it well enough, subscribe to the blog itself! Thanks for reading!

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