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Discuss Jim's picks for a New Guardians movie!

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From the website blog post, what are your thoughts? Here's the pics, go check out the blog post for the full story!

The Blog Post!

Kyle-Zac Efron
Glomulus-CGI voiced by Dan Castellaneta
Bleeze-Rachel McAdams
Fatality-Kerry Washington
Saint Walker-Jason Statham
Munk-Mickey Rourke
Arkillo-CGI Voiced by Mickey Rourke, but digitally modified.

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Is it possible for an opinion to be WRONG?!?

Just kidding. Some of your choices are... interesting. As a matter of fact, I haven't heard anything quite as "interesting" as choosing Jason Statham as Saint Walker since someone tried to convince me that Arnold Schwarzenegger should be cast as Superman (to quote their reasoning, "Can you imagine that 'S' stretched over his chest?!?").

Kyle Rayner - Zac Efron is fine, I guess. Generic young guy kinda thing.

If I were making a movie of this, though, I'd go in a completely different direction and eject Kyle Rayner (despite being a fan) and go with John Stewart for the role. Thanks to JLU, that character is arguably the most familiar for audiences (yes, even despite the movie). So, I'd probably do...

John Stewart - Donald Glover.

I went young. I think that Glover could handle the role. Plus, I'd kinda like to see how he'd handle a less comic role.

Glomulus - Yeah, CGI, but I always hear Howie Mandel doing a Bobby/Gizmo sorta voice. Or maybe Andy Serkis, who did the voice of Gollum in the Lord of the Rings.

I'm afraid casting anyone that voices for The Simpsons would immediately make people think of The Simpsons.

Bleeze - I'd go with Mila Kunis.

Pretty sure she could play rage well.

Fatality - I'd have to go with Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

I've liked her in everything I've ever seen her in, and, in some of those things, she was the ONLY thing I liked. Mayhaps the most beautiful woman in the world.

Saint Walker - Doug Jones.

C'mon, this was a given, right? Of all these choices, this one was near instantaneous for me. Everytime I read Saint Walker in the comics, he sounds like Abe Sapien from Hellboy 2. Plus, the guy kinda has that hollow-eyed other-worldly look to him.

Munk - Generic popular wrestler of the moment.

Seriously. Take whichever wrestling guy that can draw anyone to theaters and put him in a role that demands little more that uttering the occasional "Nok!" (Mickey Rourke, unfortunately, would go all method on this role and go live in the jungle for six months before filming, developing his own "Nok" intonations, coming up with an entire language.)

Arkillo - Again, CGI, but I'm going to go with a voice actor for this one. Specifically, Kevin Michael Richardson.

Richardson had the unfortunate task of NOT BEING Mark Hamil and voicing the Joker in "The Batman" (the non-Timmverse cartoon from around 2004) and more recently was the voice of Panthro in the Cartoon Network update of the Thundercats. His version of the Joker was a pretty radical departure, with a lot more range in tone, from high pitches to deep, guttural rage, very over-the-top. I think his guttural range would go great with Arkillo.

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While I still would like to see what Statham could do with the role, Doug would also be an awesome choice. And Andy Serkis for Glommy would be golden. Gugu is good, but I don't know if she would much better than my pick. Mila is fine.

I completely disagree personally on the Arkillo voice. He does Panthro and Kilowog AND John Stewart in Young Justice. I'm tired of hearing it so much!

Rourke works better than a random wrestler because he adds credibility that a wrestler doesn't, and if Munk's ring comes off, which it would, I'd like to see Rourke play that, a lot.

But your Glover choice? That I don't get. He'd basically just be Kyle Rayner, but black. I think he'd be great in a comic role, namely that Miles Morales Spider man. But John Stewart? Go for Nick Jones Jr, or the old spice guy. Somebody that can portray tough and military background. Young pre military John isn't interesting to me at all.

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I agree with Zac Effron as Kyle Rayner. Just for kicks, let's throw Will Friedle into this as well. He played Lion-O in the new Thundercats for those who didn't know.

Tell me he doesn't look just a bit like Kyle. Plus he's played Kyle before in JLU.

With Glomulus, you'd need more comedy than Serkis is really known for, although he can and has done it on-camera.

Mila Kunis as Bleez would be perfect.

I don't really have much of an opinion on the Fatality picks.

Doug Jones as Saint Walker would be great and I have no doubt Jones would deliver. To tell the truth when I heard Jason Statham, I thought he would make a better Munk, he has just enough of a resemblance to pull it off I haven't gotten my DCBS box yet so I don't know what non-Indigo Munk is like so maybe Rourk really would be a better pick.

Since Arkillo is sort of a Creature, how about either Dee Bradley Baker or Frank Welker.

These guys are THE people you go to when you want creature voices. You might remember Dee from such roles as Appa, Momo, and pretty much every other animal in Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Blood-bender councilman from Legend of Korra, every single clone the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV Series, and the fish from American Dad.

If you don't know who Frank Welker is, first of all shame on you, second you might know him from such memorable roles as the original G1 Megatron (and the Transformers: Prime Megatron as well), Scooby Doo and Freddy Jones since 1969, Nibbler on Futurama, Azrael on The Smurfs, The Cricket from Mulan, The Dog from The Simpsons, and...look his resume goes back to the original voice of Scooby-Doo and until last October he was the highest paid actor in Hollywood until Sam Jackson overtook him. Take my word for it, he's solid.

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