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Lanterncast: Episode 131 - Silver Age Green Lantern #1!

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After several years of recording, the guys finally realize maybe they should tackle issue 1 from the Silver Age series that gave us Hal Jordan. Join us for another classic review, followed by the Larfleeze Report and our thoughts on the Alan Scott announcement now that it’s official. Edited by the Epic LanternCast Producer, James Doyle! Call our voicemail number at 708-LANTERN!
Music by Desinu – “Green Ice”!

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Download Episode #131 Here!

This was a good one.

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Regarding Alan Scott, is Chad's big concern that this might be change for the sake of change? I thought I heard him mention it, but I'm not sure. I sure hope this isn't change for the sake of change, because I've heard that change for the sake of change is never a good thing. So Chad, if you did say that change for the sake of change was your main concern, because change for the sake of change is never a good thing, then I wholeheartedly concur. Change for the sake of change is just never a good thing.

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