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FCBD (Free Comic Book Day)!!!! Post your hauls!!!

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Today, as some of you may be aware, was.....

Cinco De Mayo. It's a time of year when...wait...what was I saying? Oh YEAH. Free Comic Book Day. That thing. Whew, almost went into a rant about the importance of Hispanic culture and food.


So.....what'd ya GET?!?!?!?!?!?! HUH!?!??! bounce

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Of the free comics offered in stores nationwide, I got 15 issues (including the Mouse Guard HC) AND the Thor Heroclix. Beyond that what you see in that picture is:

'HAUNT' The Immortal Edition Vol. 1:

$17.00 rather than the cover price of $34.

Justice League Of America #74 (Neal Adams cover feat both Golden and Silver age GL's):


The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics by Denny O'Neil:


and last but not least...

a Batman Black and White Statue based on art by Tony Daniel:


Yeah, you read that right. Seventeen bucks.


There were also two sketches in there (one sketch card of Firestar and a 5"x6" pencil sketch of Shadow Lass) but scans will have to come later...

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$17 for that statue?! I can hear Billy hating you right now.

I ordered some FCBD books via DCBS, and tried my best to remember which ones I don't already have coming. So I picked up the Buffy issue from Darkhorse (Buffy vs the Aliens!), Adventure Time, Transformers, Megaman, Top Shelf's sampler, the DC Kids one that has Superman Family + GL TAS + Young Justice, and threw on a copy of the standard Marvel and DCs for good measure since there was a ton left.

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gland wrote:$17 for that statue?! I can hear Billy hating you right now.


Right now, I miss the head explosion smiley.


I have no LCS... the closest comic shop is now... 40 minutes away? I think that is right. So, I await my treasures from DCBS.

17 bucks mumble grumble...

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Well they have a 30% off rack in the store all the time. But for FCBD they made that rack 50% off. That statue is supposed to cost (at least at their store) $80. So I was going to get it for $40. But I opened the box and saw that one of the points of Batmans cape was broken off. So they gave me even MORE off. So I ended up paying $17. So don't be TOO upset. I got a defective item. But I'm fairly confident in my ability to fix it so hopefully it'll be a fun addition for the glass display case.

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