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Let's talk about Young Justice for a minute

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1 Let's talk about Young Justice for a minute on Tue May 01, 2012 11:40 am

I know some of you here watch this show, and the rest of you SHOULD watch this show, and I just got caught up through episode 1 of season 2. I don't necessarily want to spoil everything right off the bat, I'll let that happen as the conversation gets going. That being said, the beginning of season 2 was AWESOME. Completely unexpected.

It's five years after the end of season 1.

The team has doubled in size.

Some members have graduated to the Justice League.

Some members turned down the Justice League.

Three new members get a good spotlight while running a mission.

There's a major identity shakeup with at least one of the main characters.


A secret alien invasion plot that starts to turn public opinion against aliens in a believable way.

...this episode is like a rollercoaster from beginning to end. They hit you with new status quo thing after new status quo thing after new status quo thing in rapid succession, they give you just enough on the characters from season 1 to peak your interest across the board, they spend enough time letting you get to know a few of the new characters so you'll feel invested going forward, and we get a plot that feels like a good one-episode adventure that also serves to set up the storyline of the entire season. After this first episode, I can't wait for episode 2, where they'll presumably dial it back a notch and slow down and start to delve into where everybody's lives are.

So what's everybody think of this show in general, and the season premier?

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Actually the team has trippled! They are up to about 25 members (some active, some problably not).

I've read some later episode synopsis and it doesn't look like they dial it back for a while.

You know I love the show, lol. But a lot of fans have been complaning about almost eveything from Season 2. I think I know why though, I think it is because there was no gap between season 1 and 2. They had huge gaps in season one when it was off the air but there was none between 1 and 2. In the show continuity there was a 5 year gap but becuase there was no phsical gap (just one episode one week and the next episode the next week) the viewers didn't get the since of the passage of time so everything just felt a bit off. That being said I love the new season and don't mind the time gap! (as long as they wrap up or deal with some of the open ended stuff very soon and don't make us wait through the whole season)

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That's true, season 1 all by itself does kind of feel like two seasons. I actually had to explain to a friend that only one season had happened, and 2 was just about to start.

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I want Lagoon Boy's head fried up on a platter with a side of Tartar Sauce. Twisted Evil
If they had put even a little bit of space between seasons then the shock of Superboy and Miss Martian not being together might have been lessened. I mean, he knew about her true form and he still...lets say cared a lot about her...and then this happens. I mean okay, I know that this happens in the real world and I get that, but when dealing with fictional characters the fans shouldn't have this kind of thing sprung on them.
Also, I don't like M'gann's new hairdo.

I like that Beast Boy is now part of the team, along with a few of the other newbies. I hope they're careful with who they add though, it might feel a little too much like Teen Titans (both the show and the current comic).

I reeeally want to see what happened to the members of the team who aren't shown in this episode, and hopefully those relationships are better off then M'gannor(?). Very Happy

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It is kind of hilarious that the one time the show has a built in point that is perfect for hiatus, they go STRAIGHT into season 2 in one week. But I certainly won't complain about that.

(Lots of spoilers to follow for anybody that hasn't watched it yet)

I loved the first episode, but look at it this way. Season 1 takes place over about 6 months, and has a rather rich story with all kinds of complex character interactions and development. By skipping forward 5 years, you can't help but feel like we've missed out on a lot of important stuff. I think we'll get some flashbacks to fill in a few gaps, like what happened between Miss Martian and Superboy, but with all the new characters I think it will be more difficult to get into the kind of depth we had with the core cast in season 1. I had been waiting and waiting to see Superman finally bond with Connor after Bruce smacks Clark with "the boy needs his father" early in the series. We finally saw the very beginning of that at the end of last season, but now we've jumped ahead in time and missed what I think could have been some interesting character development for the Supes. But I guess we'll see! The show has never wasted much time on origin stories
The age changes are kind of interesting too. Superboy, for example, has barely aged a day, although I guess you can just chalk that up to Cadmus's genetic tampering. Miss Martian is shapeshifting, so same deal (but new haircut!). On the other hand, Dick Grayson has had some pretty healthy growth spurts to grow into Nightwing. But with the series timeline, he should be almost 20 so it's about right. But it's also weird having the same voice come out of him. Zatana seems a little more grown up too.
Note that Wally, Artemis, and Aqualad are all unaccounted for so far? Unless Wally has graduated to the red tights and he's the Flash now. Hopefully the Red Arrow/Roy Harper mystery will be followed up on this season and not something that was resolved over the 5 year gap.
As GL fans, we gotta talk about the aliens: it was the Kroloteans! Gremlins! Evil Star's "Starlings" (if we ever get that storyline). I was really surprised to see them appear in this story, though given the end of the episode it seems doubtful that this "Invasion" was just about them, considering their reaction to Blue Beetle's Reach technology. There's probably at least one other alien race involved, because...
We've got "Glorious" Godfrey restyled as Glenn Beck, which I love. And voiced by Tim Curry! After the Forever People, he's hoping for more New Gods! Notice that apparently Only Supes and MM are apparently the only publicly known aliens in the a previous episode Robin said there were "four flavors of alien" on the team, which would include the Hawks (they are the Thanagarian version) and Icon (I had to check that one)
A little sad to see that Doctor Fate is still apparently possession of Zatara. And now Zatana is on the League with him!
If you listened carefully to Lobo's untranslated Interlac and then when he repeats himself, apparent "frag" is the word for "die." Makes sense.
Anybody else find Dick's interactions with Tim very interesting? That look on Dick's face when Tim asks him about why he's leading the Gamma Squad mission makes me think there may have been a Jason Todd in this universe, especially when his only reply is "just don't die, ok?"
Last thing: Neptune's beard! I didn't know the character at all before, but Lagoon Boy is pretty great. GAMMA SQUAD RULES!

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DeepBlueZ wrote:Last thing: Neptune's beard! I didn't know the character at all before, but Lagoon Boy is pretty great. GAMMA SQUAD RULES!

I will wait to pass judgement until whatever happened with M'gannor is revealed, if the explanation sucks he's fish sticks. He actually appeared in the episode where Kaldur goes back to Atlantis.

I really hope Wally has graduated to red, being a JLU kid I see him as sort of my Flash just like Tennant is my Doctor.

Could you put a line between your paragraphs, it's kind of hard to read a solid block of text like that.

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This show is SO good.

Always up for a time skip.

Where's Wally!?

Does anyonw know if the comic is time skipping?

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Spaceflash wrote:This show is SO good.

Always up for a time skip.

Where's Wally!?

Does anyonw know if the comic is time skipping?

We don't know about the comic yet. And at first I thought is was a haiku, lol.

Also Lagoon boy is awesome in the original comic! We will be talking about the original version in a couple of episodes of mine and Meg's podcast "Not Young, Just Us". For the longest time I though he was going to become a member of the original team!

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I hope the comic continues in 2011.

I need to catch up on Not Young, Just Us.

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10 Re: Let's talk about Young Justice for a minute on Wed May 02, 2012 12:37 am

It took me a few episodes to really warm to this show, but I've really enjoyed it.

As for the time jump, it was a bit jarring and it took me a couple of minutes to figure out that this wasn't part of a single-episode plot.

That said, I can't tell if this is a permanent time skip, or just for this storyline. The storyline may take in the entire season (since it seems to be galaxy-spanning), but it is also an easy (from a plot point of view) fix if they wanted to go back.

I'm not sure, at this point, which I'd prefer.

Yeah, there are things that I'd probably like to have seen develop slowly (like the previously mentioned Superman/Superboy father/son relationship), but the jump allows the writer's to shake off some storylines that could weigh the series down. (Yeah, I'm looking at Artemis and her family troubles right here.)

As the season goes forward, if they do plan to return to the previous timeframe, I hope they do it before I really get interested in the newer characters. I'd hate to spend a full season coming to the brotherly relationship between Dick and Tim, only to have that ripped away.

Either way, though, I'm enjoying the show and the many characters we get to see each week.

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I think I love everything about the time jump. It's like what DC tried to do with "One Year Later", only with balls. I love the fact that they changed characters to different degrees, I love the fact that we had the Miss Martian thing dropped on us like that, and I love the implication that the plotlines we never saw resolved in season one are either still going on in some fashon or had some kind of fallout with lasting consequences.

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