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any clue how much longer DC will keep going with Green Lantern Chronicles?

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I've been poking around, but haven't found anything. These're the trades that collect all the Silver Age stuff in color and in chronological order. Volume 4 just came out, but I have no clue how well this (or any of the various Chronicles for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) has been doing. Anybody herd anything?

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I typically herd cattle.

As to what I've heard about the Chronicles, I've heard nothing. Good premise, but they don't carry too many issues and it takes a while for them to come out it seems. It would be nice if they got the material out there. It would be really nice if they put any effort into getting the Alan Scott stuff out. In something other than those hardcovers that don't even carry everything.

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Near as I can tell, with DC (in my experience), they will continue... until they don't.

I'm not saying that in jest, either. In the past, I've noticed that DC was pretty apt to cancel an item (even after it was solicited), but in the post-relaunch environment, it has happened even more.

Usually with no notice or explanation. Just one day, poof, it is gone.

So... yeah. This post was no help whatsoever.

Just happy to be here.

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Yeah, I wish they were thicker and came out more frequently too, but they're still my preferred way to collect that old material. A big part of the reason I ask about it now is that it's been going for, what, a couple years now? I honestly expected it to dry up when the movie flopped.

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