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Damn...I think DC mis-heard what I said...I wanted a YELLOW Sinestro to match my Blackest Night binds...not a Green one. Anyway DC Collectibles is going to start selling stuff directly online and offer exclusive these:

(Aqua Man is the exclusive...and the $500 chip.)

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That Sinestro Bust is nice. Looking at the Flashpoint figures, I think one of the biggest turnoffs was that I HATED the color schemes and costume designs of all the characters, save maybe for Batman, which isn't a big enough change to really warrant me buying anything based on it. I think that may be the best thing that Marvel's Age of Apocalypse had going for it, the character designs were fantastic, the coloring was amazing. The story was good too, but without the visual side, it just turns to blech. I don't know who did character designs for Flashpoint, but whoever it was, that was NOT their strongest stuff.

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...That Green Lantern Sinestro basically means my budget goes out the

I wonder if I can live off of bread and water for a month...

(I wonder if we can actually recycle urine...)

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Navigating inside "DC Collectibles" website is really crummy.

Back when it was DC Direct, I could search for a specific item, or a series of items, and then sort by release date.

The sorting function seems to be gone in this "fantastic" new version. Which is dumb, because you'd think that they'd understand that collectors might be interested in release dates.


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Yeah, navigating that store is crappy right now. I clicked on something on page 20 to get a larger image, then hit the back button to return to the listing, and it put me back on page 1. Although this store isn't supposed to be fully ready to go until May, so maybe it'll be fixed by then.

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That Sinestro will definitely make it into my's also a much nicer sculpt than the White Lantern Sinestro we got - and his head doesn't look too big for his body! Very Happy

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The Sinestro Bust has gone live!

And there goes my DCBS money for August...

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Now THAT'S a team.

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gland wrote:Now THAT'S a team.

Ain't it though? Unfortunately there are a few imperfections. The paint is a little messed up in certain spots. I'm not sure if they're hand painted. Looks like they took the White Lantern version and molded the GL uniform over it. The body and hands are in the same positions. I wouldn't be surprised if they come out with a Sinestro Corps version.

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I got one too Smile A piece of his collar is chipped off, but it's in the back, so I won't even be looking at that ever again, thus I don't care.

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