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the art of Mosaic

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1 the art of Mosaic on Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:01 am

Throughout my epic journey reading the short-lived 1990s John Stewart solo series Green Lantern Mosaic, I made a big deal about the art in the book, the visual representations of things, specific pages and panels, so on. Well now that all's said and done, I wanted to give the visuals of this book at least a little bit of the attention and time to shine as I gave the story side of things, and that's just never going to fully work in an audio format. So I paged through, and I picked out a hand full of pages and scanned em, so hopefully those of you who haven't read along can get at least a taste of what it is I'm talking about.

And yeah, spoilers.

The first page of the first issue, perfectly setting the stage for the next 18 issues.

The death of Ch'p, everybody.

Probably the best action shot in the series. One of the most "super hero" things John gets to do, too.

After leaving the Mosaic for an issue to go back to the regular super hero world and interact with the Green Lantern Corps.

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2 Re: the art of Mosaic on Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:07 am

One of the best cases for using the Tone Men: John's crazy dance party!

Had to throw in there another instance of John breaking the 4th wall and talking to the reader, since that was such a prominent part of the narrative of this book. Plus it's a good, full-on shot of Cully Hamner's John Stewart.

Best way to deal with racism Wink

...let's not forget, this book is batshit crazy.

In an action-light series, this was quite the page turn reveal. Especially when you think about the way John and Carol are basically fine with eachother today, for some reason.

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3 Re: the art of Mosaic on Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:14 am

Had to get a good Rose moment in there. Her memory of her father, and what that means to her reluctance to look to the stars.

Very in your face, really good use of color, GREAT way to start an issue.

Impressively brutal. This series doesn't do many splash pages, but it chooses its moments well.

What might have been, and heavy on the symbolism.

...heh heh.

I think I'll end on this bounce

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4 Re: the art of Mosaic on Sun Apr 22, 2012 2:45 pm

Great choices on the artwork Dan.

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