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GL:TAS Ep 6: Lost World

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1 GL:TAS Ep 6: Lost World on Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:09 am

I think one of this week's great "Hal being Hal" moments is during Kilowog's "roll call" at the beginning. Loved all of the responses from Aya's "present", to Razer's "peh", to Hal's distracted game of construct Pong. the way the game collapses and the ball bounces off of his head when he loses his concentration makes me laugh every time.
This week Clancy "Lex Luthor" Brown guests on the voice cast, and does a great job as you might expect. I'm starting to think it's more and more likely we'll see some of these villains again, wearing a ring of one color or another...
Saint Walker makes his big debut this week, but the big question for me is: what is he doing on Mogo? How did he get there if Mogo has been attracting bad guys? Was he a prisoner on one of their ships, or did he travel on his own? In this story is he "reformed"? More to come, I'm sure. Great moment of prophecy regarding the "coming storm", kind of his own version of Ganthet's "War of Light" from the comics, but still very vague. And of course, "there is always hope." My favorite quote of his though is probably: "Rage has no real power. Or taste for that matter. It is the orphan child of fear and despair." I really liked the emphasis on his agility and economy of motion when sparring with Razer - Walker as kind of a kung fu master matches his very Zen attitudes, and what we saw of him in the comics defending himself from Red Lanterns without the boost of a GL to make constructs.
Now, he is carrying the GL ring before giving it to Razer. Do you guys think the ring actually chose him first, or he just found it and was carrying it because Mogo couldn't wield it on his surface?
Speaking of the big guy, another great but unexpected addition to the cast. I kind of like the idea that he is just now joining the GLC instead of being this ancient, integral part of the Corps that Johns made him, and I was never crazy about him being the guiding force for Lantern selection, I always accepted that the rings were able to do it themselves, as they apparently do in the show just fine. I really like the idea of him being a "normal" planet with giant construct "ring" to show his GL badge, though the "Mogo Doesn't Socialize" idea of trees forming the lantern symbol was always cool too, this is a unique twist. So who's next? Leezle Pon? Let's keep our fingers crossed for Rot Lop Fan! That could make a fun episode.

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2 Re: GL:TAS Ep 6: Lost World on Mon Apr 09, 2012 2:53 pm

Yeah I loved his quote about the orphaned child or rage and fear.

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3 Re: GL:TAS Ep 6: Lost World on Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:41 pm

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Ganthet's moving pieces around the chess board. Think about it...the Guardians knew about the Red Lanterns, Ganthet was responsible for "giving" Hal and Kilowag the ship, and now Saint Walker is guiding things behind the scenes. Honestly, Saint Walker might even have a Blue ring already, and is just laying low until the time is right.

I also liked the BLATANT foreshadowing that Razer will go Green one day. Could tie in nicely with the fact that his Red ring is starting to run low.

...and, of course, LOVED the Mogo reveal. Once again, they almost got me. I never expected something else like this in addition to Saint Walker's premier. I just thought, hey, it's the Saint Walker episode. But when those rocks pulled back when they sensed Hal's ring, I was like "...huh...", and then when the trees made that path, "'s HIM!". So good.

I really like the fact that, over these done-in-one adventures, they're slowly accumulating new GLs that they can call in when the shit hits the fan eventually. Iolande, now Mogo, and who knows who else to come.

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4 Re: GL:TAS Ep 6: Lost World on Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:30 pm

Show when the real shit goes down all these other Lanterns will come calling? Ranx in the future?

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