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I'M HAVING A BABY! (Well, Lauren is. I'm taking credit too, though)

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Maybe you heard in episode 122, Lauren is pregnant with our first child! Lauren is hoping for a girl, I'm hoping for a boy, but I'll be be happy regardless as long as they have a geek side, lol. I'm totally dressing him/her up in super hero costumes. Although if it's a girl, it will be superhero and disney princess costumes!

October 4th is the due date and I can't wait to meet him/her!

I'm going to be a DAD!

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Congrats, Jim!

Careful, though. One of my best friends aimed to get his children into all things geek, and they are turning into sports enthusiasts with no desire for anything geeky.

Oh, bitter irony, for my friend knows NOTHING (and I'm not kidding) about sports at all.

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I love it. "I'm having a baby! Oh, and Lauren helped" :p

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Congrats Jim...oh and Lauren for helping! Very Happy

Oh and by the way, I'm a big sports fan and I still play a lot of sport but I'm also a big geek it is possible to be both!...

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Congrats Jim! Great news.

How about making an official Lanterncast Onesie?

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Thanks everyone! Yeah, I think the key to geekiness is exposure. Reading them books, fairy tales and also from comics, showing them dvds of Disney, Sesame Street and also Batman: The Animated Series. Get them acclimated young, so it doesn't seem weird later on. They can be into sports too, but I want them to have a jump start so they don't have to wait till they're 11 or 12 to discover comics all on their own like I did Smile

And a Lanterncast Onesie? Yeah, that is now going to happen.

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Your baby is gonna beta test sooooo many things.

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