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LanternCast: Episode #122 - The Tony Bedard Interview!

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A VERY special episode of the LanternCast as we interview Tony Bedard, writer of Green lantern-New Guardians and Blue Beetle, and former writer of Green Lantern Corp and REBELS! Tony gives us insight to the creative process and teases what’s up ahead! An interview to get you excited about Green Lantern in general! Then stay tuned for another HUGE announcement and a contest! Edited by the Epic LanternCast Producer, James Doyle! Call our voicemail number at 708-LANTERN!

Music by Desinu – “Green Ice”!

Download Episode #122 Here!

Tony Bedard. It really was an awesome interview to do, New Guardians is my favorite book going right now. Let us know what you think! This is pretty big for us to actually have a current creator on, and there's also the fact that last episode was an interview too. I guess as long as they are fun, it shouldn't matter Smile

...And then there's the business of the HUGE announcement. And the contest...

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Great interview--and it's still a little surprising hearing you guys compliment the man so much and yet I distinctly remember you guys going "who the hell's this clown?" during the Controllers arc. Razz

Congrats on the baby! Very Happy

Jordan James sounds like a porn-star name. James Jordan sounds like a superhero name. Go with James Jordan. Very Happy

Blue Beetle, I've read a little bit's definitely different now, and the different direction could be interesting,'s honestly not grabbing me. Maybe when Jaime meets up with Kyle and the Skittle Squad some of their goodness will rub off him.

Good episode. Smile

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Can't wait to listen...

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Great interview, guys! I haven't been as enamored of New Guardians as you (mainly since I'm not a big fan of Kyle,) but it's always great to hear how excited a creator is about their book, and that almost always makes me more interested in it. I particularly like that we now have an issue number that we can expect the whole mystery of the rings homing in on Kyle.

Congratulations to Lauren! And my condolences to Jim's penis.

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Excellent interview guys! And congratulations Jim and Lauren for expecting a baby in Oct!

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The talk of Odym being attacked kind of made me think. Does anyone think that maybe the repeated attacks on Odym could symbolize religious persecution?

PS: congrats to Lauren's womb and condolences to her rectum.

And judging by his Facebook status, Chad's job interview went well so congrats to Chad also.

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Odinson83 wrote: congrats to Lauren's womb and condolences to her rectum.

You just topped every Hallmark card out there.

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Odinson83 wrote:PS: congrats to Lauren's womb and condolences to her rectum.

We really should end the thread here. Nothing anyone else could contribute could possibly compare.

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