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It's official, this is now THE LanternCast Forum.

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Oh well, this 'new' forum is a good way for me to get involved in all the conversations again. It's been some time now since I was active on the old forums and it's good to be back.

Old forum name: Merlin's Android

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Good to see you again, "Rodge" pirat

EarthGBilly wrote:Well, I have to admit, after the last few times the forums went down and it would take a week or so to get back up, I was actually hoping the old forum would get ditched.

Wasn't quite expecting the whole "scorched earth" thing, but oh well.

Now the question becomes, how active will I be on the other "new" forums? I'm already signed up with this one, so it was just a matter of logging in... but I don't know if I have any enthusiasm for setting up another account over there.

I'm not ruling it out... but I'm in no hurry to jump in, either. Maybe I'll just relax here for a while.

I'll likely re-register at the CGS forum and chime in from time to time. A problem I have is I can get pretty out-of-sight-out-of-mind, and I don't want to fall out of touch with everybody over there. But this will be my primary home.

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Yeah, I registered already (it's much easier than last time). But I didn't post all that often in that forum anyway. I think most of my posts were limited to the CGSSS forum, and I don't think they even have that now since there is no CGSSS this year.

but I have it bookmarked, so I'll check in from time to time.

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