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LanternCast Episode #172 – Green Lantern New Guardians 21-23!

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Mark and Chad return with more ‘current’ issue reviews! This time around: Relic learns his ABC’s! Kyle and Carol sitting in a tree! Sick cosmic blue birds and the death of the Blue Lantern Corps! All of this and LISTENER FEEDBACK! Edited by our EPIC producer James Doyle! Call our voicemail number at 708-LANTERN!

Music by Dan Sondak, from the Graphic Audio presentation of ‘Hero’s Quest’!

Download Episode #172 Here!

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You probably know this but issue 173 won't download

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That is now fixed. It should download from all of the normal spots now! Thanks for letting us know though!

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I'm pretty certain Atrocitus didn't create the Red Central Power Battery until right before Rage of the Red Lanterns.  Once he got the power he was able to leave the planet.

I'll have to look it up since I don't remember if Atrocitus was imprisoned with just Quill or just a few of the Inversions.

Great ep...keep them coming.

As for about Green (buy) Yellow (borrow) Red (burn)?

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