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What do YOU want to hear from the LanternCast?!

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So we used to have a thread like this in the old forums, and I did this super amazing follow up to everyone's posts where I went back through, made a list of all of the suggestions, then made a post in that thread linking to every episode where the suggestion was followed through on, and then keeping a running list of those yet to be done.

Then that forum crashed, burned and never returned.

To my knowledge, every suggestion has been followed up on except one: The Sinestro Corps War coverage.

That's coming.

Yeah, I know that might be a bit too much peeling back the curtain, but it's true. Is it RECORDED yet? No. Does it have a set recording date? No. But it IS on the "talk about this very soon" list.

But the Sinestro Spotlight, the Alan Scott Spotlight, the Rebirth Episode, the Zero Hour Episode?

All of those were listener ideas. Sure, we would have probably gotten to them EVENTUALLY, but you guys asked, so we delivered sooner.

So I ask here, in the new forum, going into the new year (2014) with a new co-host tag team with fresh ideas and perspectives....


I'm making this thread a sticky too, because I want to keep track of all of the suggestions.

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2What do YOU want to hear from the LanternCast?! Empty Green lantern Commentaries on Tue Dec 17, 2013 8:43 pm

I think we need some more Green lantern commentaries from you guys

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I know Jim and Dan did one for 'First Flight' when it came out. (well, after it came out).

So I guess that would leave the following:

'Green Lantern: Emerald Knights' & 'Green Lantern' (the movie)

I'm thinking a commentary track for EVERY EPISODE of the Animated Series would be a bit much...

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Review of Emerald Twilight would be awesome.

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We did a commentary for the Superman Animated episode with Green Lantern, I think it's called "Brightest Day". I'm not sure if we did one for the first episode of the cartoon, but if not we talked a lot about it. You could reasonably do a commentary for every episode, since there is a finite number, or just focus on big episodes.

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I'd to hear a show looking at some of the Green Lantern Corps back-up stories from the 80s. You could give a general overview and then put a particular focus on the more famous contributions such as Moore's tale introducing Mogo.

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