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LanternCast Episode #170 – Two Top Fives and a Larfleeze Report!

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George Takei, Lindsay Lohan, and cocaine. WHAT HAVE CHAD AND MARK DONE TO THIS SHOW?! The first inaugural episode of the NEW LanternCast gets under way with 2 merch related top 5 lists and a Larfleeze Report! Oh my! Edited by our EPIC producer James Doyle! Call our voicemail number at 708-LANTERN!

Music by Dan Sondak, from the Graphic Audio presentation of ‘Hero’s Quest’!

Download Episode #170 Here!

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I'm about halfway in and I'm really digging it. Great choice for a first episode for the new team. It serves as a really good "get to know you" episode. As for the lists themselves, I'm going to try and get together some audio feedback for that one Wink

BTW, the lists are "Top 5 Green Lantern Merchandise/Collectible You Own" and "Top 5 Green Lantern Merch/Collectible You Wish You Had." And if I'm digging this episode, you know they're great lists.

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Well hang on to your hat bub, we're going rapid fire through the "new" issue reviews. Episode 4 of the new co-host team is being recorded TONIGHT. Say WHAT?

And we look forward to your voicemail. I'll have James edit out the Chad insults  Razz 

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Great first episode guys!!!

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