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LanternCast Episode #169 – 5th Anniversary Celebration!

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The LanternCast crew has been at this for 5 years now and we figured it was a pretty big deal. So join us as we look back, listen to messages from fellow podcasters and YOU the listeners! Oh and one BIG announcement you’re NOT going to want to miss. Edited by our EPIC producer James Doyle! Call our voicemail number at 708-LANTERN!

Music by Desinu – “Green Ice”!

Download Episode #169 Here!

Forgive the quality of the audio throughout. The more people are on a Skype connection, the worse the connection quality gets. It was either not do the episode, have less people on the call (which wasn't going to happen) or just push through and get this out. Obviously we opted for the latter.


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First to leave a voicemail, first to respond to the thread.

Random thoughts that came up during the consumption of this episode:

Mark would find a way to get that car door huh? Paint it like Zardor and he'll want it even more.

Jim has known Mark as long as he's been married, are Mark and Lauren secretly the same person and she's just really good at disguising her voice? Have any of us actually seen them in the same place?

Let's Watch Power Rangers - oh my god oh my god oh my god, finally a PR podcast that'll hopefully update regularly, well besides 'From The Command Center' but they are just MMPR fanboys who are just going back for the nostalgia. I'm a PR expert so I will almost definitely be writing in every episode to clear up any questions Dan, Rob, and Jeremy have while viewing. I promise I'll try not to be annoying or nerd rage about anything.

I looked up this 'Sliders' you speak of and I didn't even start kindergarten until the second season. Oh and Salah from Indiana Jones and the fat kid from Stand By Me were in it. That's the extent of my knowledge of this show.

And now Jason, remember when we used to compare Jason to an Indigo Tribesman before we knew the dark truth of the Corps, can you imagine the terror we'd all feel if he was.

The reason my voicemail sorta petered out was because I didn't plan what I was gonna say before I called.

And finally, looking forward to hearing more from Mark and can't wait for him to constantly be hazed by Chad for the next two years.

by the way I was really sleep deprived when I listened to the episode so that's the reason I sound so crazy above

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Is the sliders podcast a real thing cause I'm excited about it I'm one of the 4 hard core fans lol

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The Sliders podcast is a real thing, but there have been some personal things going on with the guys lately. But it'll be happening soon enough. We'll definitely make an announcement on the LanternCast when the first episode hits.

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Hi guys,

Finally trying to catch up on your show.  Life gets in the way sometimes eh?

Congrats to Dan and Jim.  You're leaving the show in good hands with Chad and Mark that's for sure.

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