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Emerald Warriors is out today!

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1 Emerald Warriors is out today! on Wed Mar 30, 2011 8:11 am

Today we will see the third part of War of The Green Lanterns! Now, I'm excited about this, it's one of my favorite titles to read regardless. But something hit me. Last week we got 2 issues of Green Lantern goodness with GL and GLC. Now the third title is out a week later. My point is, wouldn't it be better if this was spaced out a little better? So we could have a new part each week? I'm not sure if they are pushing out a new issue early since past issues were late, but timing wise it seems like a misstep. If you have a new part coming out each week, you continue the momentum. When you spit out 3 issues in 2 weeks and then make people wait a month for more, not as much momentum there. Thoughts?

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