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Various heroes in wrong corps? Spoilers from GL/RL 28 solicits

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If you check out the solicits for the Green lantern/Red Lantern #28 flip book, they announce that Supergirl will become a red lantern. Now, I haven't been reading her lately, so this may very well be in character now, but a few years ago I would have put her in blue, and I have a sweet Ethan Van Sciver commission of just that.

But it got me thinking, DC makes stupid decisions all the time, sometimes just to drum up controversy. So this topic is dedicated to picking a character, put them in a corp that makes no sense for them, and then give a bad story idea of why they are there!

My example:

Orange Lantern Superman!

Flying through the debris of a blown up Krypton, Superman wants nothing more than to undo it. At that very moment, he is approached with an Orange ring, offering him the power to do just that, if he wants it bad enough, and that's when he is overtaken by greed!

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3Various heroes in wrong corps? Spoilers from GL/RL 28 solicits Empty Red Lantern Saint Walker on Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:12 pm

Now that his Corps has been decimated, it would make sense even if he's likely to turn it down. My other idea would be White Lantern Mongul.

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