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Larfleeze/Agent Orange

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1 Larfleeze/Agent Orange on Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:52 am

I looked and didn't find anything about the character in general lets talk about him here

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2 Re: Larfleeze/Agent Orange on Tue Sep 10, 2013 1:10 pm

Uncle Scrooge/Gonzo hybrid (the muppet not the animation company).

Seemed like a serious threat when he was introduced, more of a gag villain now. Nothing sates his greed, wants to find his family.

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3 Re: Larfleeze/Agent Orange on Tue Sep 10, 2013 3:59 pm

have you read the new Larfleeze spinoff comic i don't like how he looks in the new one he looks like a dog with a bad flock of seagulls haircut as opposed to a baboon/horse from blackest night

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4 Re: Larfleeze/Agent Orange on Thu Sep 12, 2013 5:16 pm

What do you think about the new Larfleeze series Azreon?

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5 Re: Larfleeze/Agent Orange on Thu Sep 12, 2013 5:18 pm

I only read the first one I don't know how I feel about it yet too early to tell I like the character as a whole

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6 Re: Larfleeze/Agent Orange on Wed Oct 09, 2013 6:37 pm

Have you read #2 and #3? What do you think now?

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7 Re: Larfleeze/Agent Orange on Wed Oct 09, 2013 8:00 pm

I haven't read them yet but I still don't like the art

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8 Re: Larfleeze/Agent Orange on Thu Oct 10, 2013 12:10 am

This might sound stupid but I don't know if I like it or not. It's so different from the other 4 GL titles. I don't know if Giffen is bringing the "fun" back into comics or it's just an absolutely ridiculous series. Someone please help me with this one.

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9 Re: Larfleeze/Agent Orange on Sat Oct 12, 2013 11:27 am

Scott wrote:This might sound stupid but I don't know if I like it or not. It's so different from the other 4 GL titles. I don't know if Giffen is bringing the "fun" back into comics or it's just an absolutely ridiculous series. Someone please help me with this one.
This doesn't sound stupid at all... or maybe it does, and I don't want to admit it, because I'm in the same boat.

The ridiculous and outlandish aspects are what has kept me, but I have to admit that if the book doesn't get a bit of depth soon, I'll be dropping it.

Something I've been thinking about a lot lately is the Giffen/DeMatteis combo. During the JLI era, this was pitch-point perfect in execution. It wasn't merely the "Bwa-ha-ha" that everyone remembers - there was some solid character development and heartfelt, personal moments. This was even evident in the two follow-up minis using those characters (Formerly Known As & I Can't Believe It's Not - the latter of which has the one of the most heart-breaking three-page sequences I've ever read).

Post JLI, though, the "play it for laughs" aspect of this writing combo has come off not nearly as well. It is like the guy at a party that always needs to be "on" - just trying too hard.

That said, I'm actually looking forward to the upcoming Justice League 3000, in hopes that they won't be aiming toward the jokes all the time. (Although, I am bummed that Kevin Maguire won't be handling the art duties.)

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10 Re: Larfleeze/Agent Orange on Sun Oct 13, 2013 3:12 am

Well, considering the fact that Larfleeze/The Orange Light is my favorite part of the Green Lantern mythos, I guess I should share my thoughts on not only the current comic, but the evolution of Larfleeze as a whole.

I'll start from the beginning I guess. Larfleeze is the reason why I got into Green Lantern. I knew who John and Hal were, and I knew about their powers, but that's pretty much it. My dad got into GL because of the Lanterncast, and I stuck with Batman and Nightwing. But I will never forget the day that I saw Green Lantern issue 39 on my dad's dresser. I saw Larfleeze clutching his power battery, "Mine!" written dozens of times behind him and thought, "What's this?" When Larfleeze was introduced, he was a force to be reckoned. And that's one of the main things that I loved about him. As time went on and he became comic relief more than a terrifying villain, I was fine with it because it made sense. He wanted things, so he kept on taking them, occasionally making a fool of himself. I only read about the first half of Brightest Day, so I'm not entirely sure if anything crucial happened then, and I hardly read any of New Guardians, so I really don't know how much of him has changed in the New 52, (although the 2 or 3 issues that I read, I really enjoyed).

But Larfleeze's current solo series... I don't really like it. To me, it just takes away so much of what made him, well, him. I don't particularly enjoy the art, but I can get over that. My real problem is with the way it's written. It tries TOO hard to make Larfleeze a comical character. Two of the things that really made me love Larfleeze were his occasional ignorance and his want for things that aren't easily obtainable/ridiculous. Santa Claus, being Queen, a Guardian of his own, these are all things that made me think of cheesy sitcoms moments where I would imagine everyone saying "Oh Larfleeze." But in his solo book, it seems like they're trying to force it down our throats. Yes, he can be funny, but he's also one of the most powerful Lanterns in the universe. The freaking Guardians made a pact with him so he would just stay on his own turf. Sure they occasionally show it, but to someone who picked up the first issue to see what Larfleeze was about, it isn't a very good entry point.

Now, there are three things that drive me insane in this book. One, lack of Orange Lantern power battery. That's his most precious possession, how/why are you going to take it away from him? I understand that he supposedly lost everything, but he would go INSANE looking for it, not just sit on a rock and sigh. Two, the use of cuss words. I'm not sure if they're supposed to make it funny, but they feel like they don't belong. The cuss words that are used are of Earthly origin, and even though Larfleeze lived on Earth for a while, why is he constantly using them?! He's supposed to be somewhat ignorant, and it just doesn't fit with his character. And three, the thing that I detest the most, is when he talks about himself in the 3rd person. He is Agent Orange, user of the Orange Light, the color of GREED! And he's not gonna use the words "I" or "me" or even "my"? What's the point?! I just don't get it. I'm interested in where they're going with the latest thing that happened, but I'm not very hopeful.

On the bright side, my Orange Lantern collection is coming along nicely. As soon as I get my hands on the Orange Lantern power battery though, I'm probably gonna have to rearrange everything.

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