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1LanternCast Fan Art... Empty LanternCast Fan Art... on Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:45 pm

So, with all chores accounted for and no money in the bank account (paid my bills like an adult what WHAT?!) I took to browsing about the internet. One of the things I did was hit up a bunch of other podcast websites. Because sure, I listen to the podcasts, but do I ever really go see what ELSE they may have to offer? (That wasn't a shameless plug to get more visitors to our website material, but if it works, go for it. There IS some cool stuff on there.)

One of the things I noticed is fan art. And I'm not just talking, like, drawings. I'm taking memes out of in jokes, songs, creative writing AND actual drawings and sketches and stuff.

Let me be absolutely clear here. I am NOT requesting that stuff. NOR am I getting on anyone's case for not creating any.

BUT: I DO know our listener-ship has a lot of artists and creative people out there and I wanted to give them the venue to post whatever they want....even IF it's just a bunch of Chad related jokes. (I mean, Fire and Water do it so why the hell not?)

But I was looking at Andrew Charipar's art of all of us today and I just think it'd be cool to see more of it.

SIDE NOTE: Why does our forum have a dead elephant head with what looks like a grey 8-bit penis instead of a trunk? elephant 

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