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LanternCast: Episode #159 - New Guardians Annual #1 and Threshold 1-3

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Because you demanded it! New Guardians Annual 1 and Threshold 1-3. We look at the beginning of the Hunted story line and the first 3 chapters of the Larfleeze backup. Please folks, don’t demand a follow up. PLEASE. Edited by the Epic LanternCast Producer, James Doyle! Call our voicemail number at 708-LANTERN!

Music by Desinu – “Green Ice”!

Download Episode #159 Here!

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My overall thought is "meh". 

The Annual was a horrible detour from the main story but it wasn't bad.  I'm wondering if Lady Styx is going to play into the future of the GL books.

Larfleeze was cool but I still have yet to catch up with the Hunted storyline.

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3LanternCast: Episode #159 - New Guardians Annual #1 and Threshold 1-3 Empty Threshold was just bad on Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:45 pm

I have to agree with the guys sentiments on the podcast. Threshold was just bad. It was a confusing mess with so many things wrong that I don't even know where to begin. But to throw Carol, Arkillo, and Saint Walker into the story, add a "renegade" Green Lantern, and then just drop Blue Beetle out of nowhere for apparently no reason just made it worse. Oh and Brainiac too, puh-leeze! The only redeeming thing about the book was the Larfleeze backup. In fact, after the first issue, Larfleeze was the only reason I kept buying it. I picked up the latest issue and leafed through it. Even through whats-his-name got his ring and power battery back, it still looked terrible. It even showed how whats-his-name got his ring and that made me dislike him even more.

Well, enough ranting. If you haven't read it yet, don't bother. Just read the Larfleeze stories and move on.

I really wish DC hadn't tried to suck us Lantern fans into such a crappy book. It's worse than Red Lanterns could ever be.

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Thanks for reviewing these guys.  I agree with you about Threshold.  I cannot get interested in this story at all, probably because they don't really have anything related to Green Lantern in it.  I kind of enjoyed the Larfleeze backups though.  It was pretty refreshing to read them especially after trying to get through the Threshold story.

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I have Threshold #4-but I can't find #8 at any LCS's around town. Is it even worth getting? I read #1-3 when you did your episode but I might need to sit down with a 6-pack of beer to get through #4-7.

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Scott wrote:I have Threshold #4-but I can't find #8 at any LCS's around town.  Is it even worth getting?  I read #1-3 when you did your episode but I might need to sit down with a 6-pack of beer to get through #4-7.
I don't ever drink and I would probably have to do that to get through an issue of Threshold.

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If you're into the bitterness of hops, go for the IPA's. They have a higher alcohol content, so you'll need less, lol. The end of Threshold is something that I might actually want to read someday, just out of morbid curiosity. But I would be going digital for that. No point storing something I barely want to read once.

However, #8 may be one of those rare sleeper books that raises in value because nobody bought it, and then if it never gets reprinted, might be a good speculator book.

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If Corwin binds it then it's a keeper.

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