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The Green Lantern Movie - As It Should Have Been...

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So today I finally read the 'Constructing Green Lantern: From Page to Screen' book by Ozzy Inguanzo. Not sure what took me so long as the damn thing is over half images...

Anyways. I took the liberty of taking notes as I went along of anything I found interesting. Particularly along the lines of "stuff we never saw in the movie". So get ready. Some of this stuff is going to be rehashing for you because, if you were paying attention to the toy line or the teaser images coming out before the movie, you've seen it. Others may be new information. Moving on!

"One of the first illustrated portraits of Tomar-Re, by illustrator Constantine Sekeris, became one of the most enduring character designs of the film. 'As soon as we saw that beautiful, thoughtful face, we all fell in love with it.', exclaims costume designer Ngila Dickson, who used photographic reference of South American caiman lizards as inspiration for Tomar's pearlescent, jewel-like skin, which blushes red to indicate his anger. This wink at fans, touches upon the role that color plays within the bigger Green Lantern comic book mythology."

^Ummm, where the hell was this in the movie? Yeah, yeah. We saw the toy. We've heard a little about this. But WHY was it left out?

"One female Lantern that was especially significant to costume designer Ngila Dickson was a young Green Lantern trainee that appeared in an early draft of the script. She was not from the comics and had no name, but Dickson felt that the character represented a strong role model for girls, and envisioned her as a violet-skinned athlete with frizzy sensors for ears. Although the character was cut from the script, Dickson's initial design endured and an original Green Lantern was added to the list of twenty-five featured extras. Her name: N'Gila Grnt. 'When I heard that, I knew everyone understood how obsessed I had become with that character,' jokes Dickson."

^ Cool idea, but why not just use Arisia? Outside of the description, isn't that basically her character? This is the character that they're referencing...

The Green Lantern Movie - As It Should Have Been... Pbucket

"The set for Hector Hammond's apartment gave production designer Grant Major and set director Anne Kuljian the opportunity to provide more insight into the character. 'His environment is his life, and it needed to feel closed in. He still lives in the same place he moved into when he was an undergraduate,' explains Major. Sarsgaard met with Kuljian to discuss the character before she began dressing the set. 'Peter wanted to make sure I wasn't presenting Hammond as a mad scientist, he's more complex than that. He felt the character had a much closer relationship with his mother than he did with his father, who never really understood or accepted him, contributing to his introverted, loner personality,' Kuljian recalls assembling presentation boards for Sarsgaard. 'It was fantastic to hear his ideas. We would go through it and he'd add certain things that he wanted, like a picture of his mother holding him as a small child. We wanted his desk area feel like he's always there; his multiple computers, his phone, his food, and his pets are all close by. You really wanted to get the feeling that Hector was pretty much always in his apartment by himself and never had guests, whereas with Hal's apartment it was the opposite. Hector's has much more clutter, much more furniture, and much more ambiance of a past. His company are his things, and we just layered and layered and layered on Hector's personality through the dressing.'"

^ Couple of interesting points in there. Sarsgaard was SUPER involved. We kept hearing stories that Mark Strong INSISTED on keeping Sinestros look authentic, but I LOVE hearing this about Sarsgaards dedication. Did the character fall flat? Sure, but at least we know it wasn't the actor that did it. And Hector was closer to his mother? Was that talked about at ALL in the movie?

Now some images. Take care and PLEASE look these over, at least for nothing else than the fact that I put alot of time into scanning these The lengths I go to for you guys...

The Green Lantern Movie - As It Should Have Been... Scan0010

^ This one, in my mind, means that MAYBE Abin originally CHOSE earth...if so, what does that mean?

The Green Lantern Movie - As It Should Have Been... Scan0011

^ We always wanted to see more training on Oa, this tells us they PLANNED least originally.

The Green Lantern Movie - As It Should Have Been... Scan0012

^ Now THIS is interesting. Apparently Sinestro was supposed to get the yellow ring BEFORE the end of the movie, AND fight Hal...WHAT?!

The Green Lantern Movie - As It Should Have Been... Scan0013

^ More training sequences...

The Green Lantern Movie - As It Should Have Been... Scan0014

^ The cross-section of Abin Sur's ship. Note the highlighted area. In the MOVIE Hannu died in the assault Sinestro organized on Parallax. So, in this, was Abin involved in that? What happened to change all of this?

The Green Lantern Movie - As It Should Have Been... Xlarge10

^ I'm sure you remember this. They were supposed to fight TOGETHER. Woulda been so much better.

The Green Lantern Movie - As It Should Have Been... Set_pl10

^ There were alot of scenes supposed to be set here. More interaction with Morro. More GL cameos...etc.


Ok, so what do you think?

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Told ya Hector was the best character in that movie Razz

This really does hammer home the point that you can't make a good movie by committee. All these creative people, doing exactly what they do, were bringing SO MUCH to the table...and some suits who think they know better butchered their work.

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think this just reinforces what we suspected. It could have been amazing. Then they cut the soul out of it. So it just ok at best.

Honestly, I think I would love to interview Ngila Dickson.

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...this just rubs salt in the wound...I believe Green Lantern was supposed to be this generation's Star Wars.

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Thanks for all this Chad. Looks great.

I don't think they would use Arisia because she's too slutty. Too much baggage.

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