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Free Rings are back with the new creative teams

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I think it's the same deal as last time...for every 25 copies of a book your store orders, they can get a bag of a particular ring. The breakdown:

GL #21 = Green
GLC #21 = Blue
GLC #22 = White
NG #21 = Indigo
NG #22 = Yellow
Larfleeze #1 = Orange
RL #21 = Red
RL #22 = Violet

These'll be matte finish instead of the glossy we got last time around, so there's potential for collectors to double dip.

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I think this is great. For the folks that missed out, for us ring collectors that want something slightly new, to help promote the new teams, and most importantly, so that now I can sell Lanterncast rings with glossy finish and matte finish and have listeners buy one of each! Lol.

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Oh, wow that is awesome and amazing and...

Sorry. Thought I could fake excitement for these things.

I could not.

You know what they could have done instead? Little lanterns. Like the ones that used to come with the action figures. I'm not even looking for different designs - just the generic looking lantern in various colors.

I'd have been all over that, if only to give lanterns to all the figures from the last few waves of the six inch figures that didn't come with one.

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You forgot Larfleeze #2 with a brown ring (GET IT?!?! #2!! BROWN RING! HAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAH)...

But no, Larfleeze #2 will be coming with a Black Lantern ring.

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That would have been a really cool idea, Billy. A really cheap way to get a tiny display with all the Lanterns as well.

And I'm up for a brown ring. Hell, maybe I'll make it Smile

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They could have gotten the action figure ones, or maybe the Heroclix ones if you want to go tiny.

The brown ring only works if you have a toilet design on it!

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Free Rings are back with the new creative teams MzhfH

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I picked a bad time to start going all-digital.

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It's ok, the Green one that was supposed to come with GL#21 didn't ship.

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Who with the what now? It didn't ship? How the hell does that work now?

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It's...coming withGL #22 instead? I don't know.

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I have those rings.  More or less I guess but I do have them.

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