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LanternCast: Episode #156 - Supershow 2013 Recap!

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Dan and Jim made the treck to Reading, PA once again for this year’s Supershow. They managed to record nothing, and then discussed it afterwards. Also featuring a bitter Chad, because the guys picked up NOTHING for him. Edited by the Epic LanternCast Producer, James Doyle! Call our voicemail number at 708-LANTERN!

Music by Desinu – “Green Ice”!

Download Episode #156 Here!

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Sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe next year, you'll record something. Get an interview. Talk to other people at the show and ask them about their experience or something like that for those that didn't get a chance to go. Or something like that. In case you remember for next year. Still, great show guys. cheers

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I seriously do have seven hours of me and my friend Rob driving to and from Super Show.

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You recorded seven hours of the two of you talking? What about? Make it episodes. Break it down into at least two episodes. Why not?

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I justed registered here on these forums after hearing this episode! I feel I should say "thanks" for mentioning me... I guess it makes me feel a bit special inside. So thanks!

I'm glad that my stopping by your table a couple or few times had the impact you talk about. Everyone at the show, including you Lanterncast guys, was so friendly I will have no hesitation in attending again.

The last time we talked there I was mentioning the Green Lantern oath being recited by Ralph Garman on the Kevin Smith podcast Hollywood Babble On. Each time he does it in a different impersonation that he is famous for, by request of emails that are sent in. I proposed that we compile a list of his impressions and match them to the various oaths for the other colored corps. We would then mass email him asking him to do the combos that we think are best. OK if I create a new thread to organize that here on your forums?

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Go for it. Glad to see you around here!

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Nice episode guys. Maybe one day I can make it out there. Interesting you mentioned Green Lantern wasn't looking very popular amongst the crowd. Good points that the bad movie, GLTAS being cancelled and DC celebrity Geoff Johns leaving the book might put Green Lantern in a downward spiral for a while.

Jim - I don't think you want to be copying my best of 2012 entries. I'm like the dumb kid in Green Lantern school.

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Eric - That's actually one of the few podcasts I actually try and listen to. My brother clued me in to the oaths a few months ago. I have not heard them all, but most of them are awesome.

Scott - I would actually consider doing it for the sole fact that you could pick something I hate, and then I have to explain why I picked it as best, lol. That would be hysterical.

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Yeah, you think a lot of things are hysterical. SPOILER: Jim's funny-challenged.

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choanata wrote:Scott - I would actually consider doing it for the sole fact that you could pick something I hate, and then I have to explain why I picked it as best, lol. That would be hysterical.

Haha, the only one you'll probably agree with is my "Hell Yeah" moment. The rest are open.

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