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The DCU New 52 Welcomes - Wally West?! {SPOILERS}

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Ok folks, as you may or may not be aware, I was one of the few eagle eyed readers who gladly screamed from the rooftops that Pariah appeared in the pages of Vibe #1.

Well, it appears that the 'Vibe' title is going to be one of massive importance to the New 52 DCU as Vibe #2 had ANOTHER crazy assed cameo...

The DCU New 52 Welcomes - Wally West?! {SPOILERS} Wally_10

So it appears that Adam Murdough of Comic Geek Speak fame may be correct after all. When Wally West appears in the New 52, expect it to be in the pages of Vibe ladies and gentlemen...


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I'd love it to be Wally, but why wouldn't that be Bart? He's currently Kid Flash, and his costume looks like what I can make out of the blur.

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Yeah, that sure looks like a blurred version of the current Kid Flash.

Besides, if Wally ever makes it to the New 52, I don't think they'd saddle him with a moniker that is being used by another character. They didn't know what to do with him when Barry returned, and gave the impression that readers wouldn't understand multiple "Flashes" running around the DCU, so I wouldn't think they'd do that again.

I think when Wally makes his appearance, it will be civilian for a while, and, if he does get powers, while they may be speed-based, expect the powers to present differently (anyone remember Wally's kids?).

Also very real options - Wally becomes a villain (the new Zoom?), Wally gets killed off because his speed powers adversely affect him (burn him out... literally).

Man, I miss the old DCU.

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I like the option where Wally appears in Vibe, and knows the Universe is wrong and has been trying to find a way to fix it. And then does. And all the garbage goes away. Keep some of the interesting aspects, just to make it even MORE confusing.

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I know it's Bart.

The DCU New 52 Welcomes - Wally West?! {SPOILERS} Vibe-3

But here's how I see it, they keep comparing Vibe's powers to Flashes. They pit Vibe against Flash should the Justice League ever go rouge. The 'Vibe' title is most closely connected with alternate universes. They tease a kid flash encounter/team up for issue #3 of 'Vibe'.


They blurred out Bart.

Why is that a big deal? Because Geoff Johns has a huge role in the title. He worked prominently with Wally. He is at the helm of DC. He KNOWS the entirety of DC fandom want's Wally back (for the most part). So they pit Vibe against Kid Flash (Bart) but obscure him to make people THINK it's Wally. AND they HIDE Bart on a gatefold cover for DC WTF (in which DC promises a few SUBSTANTIAL "What the Fuck?!" types of moments).

DC knows that we want Wally back. So they're teasing us.

Building up into the final reveal. Possibly in "climactic" moment at the end of a supposedly "big reveal" type of issue?

Even if not, 'Vibe' has the biggest potential connection to Wally West. No doubt.

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choanata wrote:I like the option where Wally appears in Vibe, and knows the Universe is wrong and has been trying to find a way to fix it. And then does. And all the garbage goes away. Keep some of the interesting aspects, just to make it even MORE confusing.

The current DC Universe still has more good books in it than the old DCU did.

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I would argue that the New 52 has more GREAT books than the previous DCU, but not more GOOD books.

Allow me to explain.

Grading on a one to ten scale, if you call a score of 7-8 good, and a score of 9-10 great.

Currently, everything I'm reading from DC I think is overall great. Sure, they may dip for an issue on occasion, but they are consistently tops.

The problem is, I'm currently only buying four DC books a month.

In the previous DCU, what I was reading I would have put down as good. Sure, they might dip, but they also would occasionally jump to great.

Back when I was buying those books, I was buying around 12 DC titles a month.

Now, I would not exchange my four great titles for 12 good titles, but I do wish that the New 52 were less polarizing for me. Everything I read is either something I love or something I can't stand. I'm not getting any of those, "Eh, pretty good. I'll try it for a while" vibes. I wouldn't mind a couple of good titles that every once in a while surprise me with an amazing arc.

Does that make sense to anyone?

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It does, and it's pretty close to my experience with the old DCU a year or two before Flashpoint. There was just so much...middle. I dropped everything that wasn't a Lantern book because I didn't want to read mediocre comics anymore, and I couldn't find any others that were better than that. I kept going with Flash, purely because I knew I was going to read Flashpoint, but that's about it.

Now, it's like you said. Aquaman is great, Batman is great, Wonder Woman is great, Justice League finally GOT great, Animal Man and Swamp Thing are the first horror comics I've ever found that actually give me the mood/tone/feel/writing/artwork I've always wanted in a horror comic.

The biggest complaint I have about the New 52 is that more of their books aren't great, because they either have mediocre creators, or editorial is sinking too many ships. Which was exactly the problem the old DCU had, too. So the fact that they relaunched doesn't really mean shit to the quality of their comics. It's just really really easy to see bad comics in the New 52 and fall into fanboy mode and cry "THIS SUCKS, I MISS THE OLD DC", even though the old DC had the same problems.

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Thats the basic and main problem with the new DC. The quality hasn't changed. Just the status quo of the characters and that some of the fan favorites (Wally West, Donna Troy, etc) don't even exist. It was hot at first because it was the best jumping on point you could ever ask for but now DC has the same problems as they did before with the added problems of people missing the old continuity.

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I really don't think that people missing the old DCU would be as big of a problem if the quality of the New 52 books was higher across the line. Batman has all sorts of continuity problems to it, but the quality of the book has been impressing people since issue 1, so it hasn't been that big a deal.

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Oh, I know people on another forum who miss the hell out of the old DCU and the characters that didn't come over to the new 52. Characters like Wally West and Stephanie Brown and Donna Troy and others. It's funny. The only New 52 books I read are the Batman and Green Lantern books and other than trying to figure out how the shoe-horn their continuity into the new timeline, not much has changed for the characters.

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