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LanternCast Episode #153 - News, Trivia and Feedback!

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We tackle a lot in this episode, some Green Lantern news, some trivia, and even some listener feedback. I’ll level with ya, you’ve probably already heard all the news. But it will still be fun listening to our thoughts on it, right? I hope so, for your sake. Edited by the Epic LanternCast Producer, James Doyle! Call our voicemail number at 708-LANTERN!

Music by Desinu – “Green Ice”!

Download Episode #153 Here!

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I've been missing a little Green in my ears! (Wait that didn't sound right...)

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You...might want to take one of these.

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We're playing Left For Dead 2?

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Your ears are.

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Excellent episode guys. It came just in time to do another episode to tackle the news that Geoff Johns left. haha!

Seriously though the trivia was great. You should try to do it more often. No spoilers on the results of the trivia but Jim sounded like throwing the microphone across the room at one point.

Great email by Flodo. He summed up my feelings for Rise of the Third Army nicely and it was a great idea to allow Johns to bring the emotional spectrum to a close before he leaves. Too bad it looks like it's not going to happen unless something drastic happens in the next 3 issues.

Also another funny note, my voicemail came when my son was only 8 weeks old. He's now 7 months old! ha!

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BTW Gland, I literally have the real life version of Rage Kitty. Whenever I get on the phone he screams at me until I get off. He's black though so he's the black lantern version.

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