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Giffen (and newly-confirmed co-writer J.M. DeMatteis) talks Larfleeze

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There was a Newsarama article, I c/p'd the relivant stuff:

DeMatteis: Larfleeze isn't a comedy book: it's a cosmic adventure with ample helpings of humor.

Nrama: Is there a big, overall goal for what you're hoping to do with the Larfleeze book?

DeMatteis: Really, our primary goal is to have fun. That's always the bottom line when I'm working with Keith.

Giffen: Larfleeze is a chance to do a fun comic book, surrounding him with new characters, new villains, new ideas, new sections of the galaxy. New, new, new, new, new, new, new.

I guarantee six major, new, cosmic villains in the first 12 issues, as well as alien worlds and all kinds of craziness with Larfleeze.

And fun. No deep thoughts, no misdirection or trickery. You just come in, there's Larfleeze and look! He's having an adventure, with a bunch of exciting new characters and concepts. At the end of the book, you say, "Yeah, I had a good time reading that book."

DeMatteis: If it's not fun, we shouldn't be doing it. These are comic books!

Nrama: Keith, what happens with the back-ups in Threshold? Is Larfleeze no longer starring in those?

Giffen: His back-up story will end issue #5. And we'll go into his monthly book directly from there.

Nrama: Will there be any tie-in to the Green Lantern universe at all?

Giffen: No, we're not even going to try, at least not for awhile. I want the character to stand on his own. So in this story, it's Larfleeze out in a new section of the galaxy.

That said, he is the Orange Lantern, and so there's history, there's a connection. It's nice to have a fully integrated universe where Batman can meet Superman, and Blue Beetle can wind up in Threshold. So maybe somewhere down the line, maybe after the first year, or whenever DC decides, another DC character will show up.

Until then, we'll be trying to tell an interesting enough story with an interesting enough character that it doesn't have to be propped up with another character. The Green Lanterns have their own books. And they're good books. So if you want to read about them, go read those books. But if you want to read about Larfleeze, then we're over here.

Nrama: Does it tie into Threshold, since you're dealing with space in that series?

Giffen: Nope. It's just Larfleeze, his butler, and a lot of new stuff. We'll be introducing a supporting cast of new characters and new villains and new concepts.

Look, I'm going to move him so far from anything -- the literal edge of the known universe -- and start the adventure there. That way, we've got to world build. We have to fill in the gaps as we go along. But that also gives us the freedom to tell an interesting story that doesn't get bogged down in everything else going on in the DCU.

Giffen: You'll see the same kind of humor you're seeing in the back-up special of Threshold, but these stories will be told on a much bigger canvas. It's going to be somewhat like Threshold, but with Larfleeze, I want to go much bigger, much more cosmic. I want a much bigger canvas and massive, major threats and villains. And our goal, like I said, is to make a comic book where you put down the comic and say, "That was a fun book!" One that you can recommend to your friends. That's what we want Larfleeze to be.

I always like hearing Keith Giffen talk about comics. He has that totally confidant air about him that I'd describe as the nice version of "here's how it is, get over it". This Larfleeze book sounds like it could be the Aquaman of the Lantern books, in terms of reading experience, I can't wait to read the first one.

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Myyyyyyyyyyy Waaaaaaaaalllllllleeeeeeetttttttt!!!

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As a big fan of Giffen and DeMatteis, I have to admit... at a time when I'm considering dropping the three GL titles, I'm seriously considering picking this up.

Biggest selling point? NOT being tied to the rest of the GL books (at least for now).

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That's what I like. Going in, all I know about this book is that it's Larfleeze doing Larfleeze stuff.

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gland wrote:That's what I like. Going in, all I know about this book is that it's Larfleeze doing Larfleeze stuff.

Would he be doing stuff like say....reciting his Oath?

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Um. Wow. This does sound pretty amazing. Question though. Is this going to be a $3.99 book? That might be a deal breaker for me but this does sound pretty good though.

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Nope, $2.99.

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$2.99 Larfleeze book? Well, damn! Sign me up. Giffen writing Larfleeze could be one heck of a comic. One question though and I hope we get this before the book starts up but when the heck are we getting his damn oath?

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It'll be carved into Geoff Johns' tombstone.

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gland wrote:It'll be carved into Geoff Johns' tombstone. Dan. And he'll be wearing all those orange rings again.

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Somehow, I wouldn't doubt that.

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