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Grice's Guide to Emotional Enlightenment (G2E2)

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As part of our continuing effort to make our website even better, we are rolling out some new features. The latest new feature? Jason's new blog, "Grice's Guide to Emotional Enlightenment" or G2E2 for short. He'll be telling new stories like the ones you know and love, and tying then in to the emotional spectrum. The first installment is up on the home page, so go check it out!

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Not only did you have the willpower to lose that weight, you held on to it when it was really tested, you didn't go green and yell at that young woman. To be honest knowing what she knew I could kind of see the humor in the situation.

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Great entry! I look forward to reading more.

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Yeah, it's great stuff. If anybody has a feed reader, you should be able to just add and get all the updates to the site, including blogs, news, features and episodes, but I'm going to try and create some exclusive feeds so that you can just subscribe to Jason's blog or just subscribe to particular features.

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Great stuff. Loved the article.

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