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Halloween Themed Blog Cross-over with 18 Participating Blogs!!!!

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Hey you guys! So awhile back I teased that I was organizing a blog cross over with a small handful of other DC comics bloggers. Well that little handful of blogs has grown into 18 total blogs participating in the cross over!

The cross over features many of us reviewing the 1998 'Ghosts' annuals. For those of us with character blogs what DON'T have 'Ghosts' annuals, we just went the distance and covered a 'Ghosts' like story.

So here's what I need YOU to do if you can. Hit social media hard.

We worked hard on this bad boy, each and every one of us. It was a HUGE amount of fun, but it's a little disheartening if nobody reads it!

So go read the posts and comment on them! Even if it's just to tell us that you liked it or even hated it! Trust me though guys, you're going to WANT to read these posts and comment on the ridiculousness within each story. If you like the bloggers style, go read a few more posts. If you still like it? Subscribe!!!! Subscribing to a blog is the equivalent of writing a review on iTunes. The number of subscribers increases the visibility of the blog on a google search.

But mostly? Just share the Halloween themed love with all your friends and comment on the posts!

I'll link my own post here (I'm the grand poobah in charge of the whole shebang) but at the bottom of the post is ALLLLLLLL of the links to each of the other posts. So have fun reading folks and let us know if you liked it!

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Wow. I didn't even read the whole thing, but you got an interview with Bernie Wrightson! That was really neat. Love the art contributions too. Great concept overall. Hopefully I will have time to see what everybody else offered up!

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