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Lanterncast: Episode 144 – Top 5 Stories To Revisit!

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Jim comes up with a pop topic for Dan, the Top 5 lantern stories we’d most like to see revisited! And spinning directly out of that is a huge debate on whether 52 universes are enough in DC continuity. We top it off with some news for good measure! Edited by the Epic LanternCast Producer, James Doyle! Call our voicemail number at 708-LANTERN!

Music by Desinu – “Green Ice”!

Download Episode #144 Here!

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So jim, you pretty much want DC to do an Exiles book? Characters from different dimensions coming together to complete tasks in thier and other's dimensions?

and I agree with Dan. You should take your baby to cons! I've been going to cons since I was his age and look at how normal and healthy I turned out!

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He too can grow up to own a pair of cat ears that feeds on his own brain waves.

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You guys really ran around in circles for a while there...

No Marvel love Jim? No Avengers love?

Great idea for an ep. I would like to see some of those classic villains come back.

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I'll admit you guys lost me a bit with the 52 universes vs infinite universes. I'm pretty new to the game so I had no idea there were 52 universes. I know we're using Earth-2 now but I've never heard of the other 50 universes. To me that seems like a lot unless they have plans to start using them. I think this might confuse the casual fan though. batman is already dead in earth-2 so it can be limiting but can't they find a way to bring him back to life like they usually do in comics? Where do I learn more about this?

Honestly I'd like a universe with just the green lantern corps and their villains only. The current book loses me with all the team ups with the justice league members etc. I would love to see the green lantern corps and their stories only. I don't follow aquaman or cyborg or Wonder Woman so why do they always have to show up in my green lantern book? You know what I mean?

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The farther from earth 1 the odder they get. Some of the other 52 are universes like:

Earth 2 - JSA
Earth 3 - crime society
Earth 4 - shadowy world
Earth 6 - captain Marvel
Earth 8 - lord havoc
Earth 10 - hitler won ww2 / uncle Sam
Earth 12 - batman beyond
Earth 15 - highly advanced heroes (destroyed)
17 - atomic knights
18 - old west
19 - Victorian batman
21 - new frontier
22 - kingdom come
26 - captain carrot
30 - red son superman
31 - dark knight returns
34 - Amazonia
43 - vampire batman
48 - warring ground for aliens
50 - wild storm
? - Tangent comic
? - Son of superman
? - robot universe
There are more but these are the ones I remember/have in the encyclopedia in front of me.
I think they have only named around 30 total.

Things like that. There are tons of else worlds but that was before they decided to do the whole 52 universes thing. Those are considered imaginary tales. The ones that came out during the else worlds period but were not elseworlds are something else entirely..

Pnly about half of the universes have actually been declared as part of the 52 and that was before the reboot....

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