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Anybody Read The Latest GLC(June 23)? (spoilers)

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I kinda glazed over some areas, just trying to absorb the whole thing as fast as possible the other day when I had a slight bit of time. I suppose I will hold final judgement until I've thoroughly read the entire thing, but my innitial thoughts are not great. I'm not big on the John Stewart characterization. It almost seems like after taking the Xanshi thing out of his character, he's kinda left without a driving force. Or like they are struggling to give him a new identity. We will see. Anybody else have thoughts?

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I miss Gleason!

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I dunno, I like it so far. Except for the whole Kyle/Natu/Jade thing. And even that was made semi-acceptable by the humor of Kyle only digging himself deeper by trying to explain.

Let's face it, John's character has been somewhat lacking for a while now. Every writer seems to have their own interpretation of him, and this is Bedard's. Frankly, I prefer it to the John who was so constantly broken up about Xanshi.

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