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Rob Liefeld vs the World

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1 Rob Liefeld vs the World on Mon Sep 03, 2012 1:57 am

So we're on the same page, Rob Liefeld is/was the creative force behind Grifter, Deathstroke, and Savage Hawkman the last few months. He's also the guy who did this:

Now I've gone on record a number of times as hating the man's work. If he ever comes on a book I read, I will skip those issues entirely until he's gone. I won't buy them, I won't read them for free, I won't read them for the show. I hate absolutely everything about what he does. But that's his work. Almost everything I've ever herd about Rob Liefeld the guy is that he's this really nice guy, and one of comics' loudest cheerleaders. So while I don't like what he produces, I've got no problem with him as a person.

Recently, he quit DC. I know, I know, "BUT DAN YOU LOOOOOOOVE DC!!!"...I've never had to interact with them on any level beyond "fan". For all I know, it could be a chore working there. Again, not gonna fault him for this. He made a choice that was his to make, based on factors that we weren't privy to. He talks about it here:

...kinda makes you sympathetic towards him, right? Sure, he's got a bit of an attitude coming through there, but imagine how you'd be if things at your job got so bad that you had to up and quit. So far so good. Rob Liefeld remains in a positive light.

Then this happened:







..., I want to reiterate something I said earlier. There're bound to be factors here that we weren't privy to. Omitted parts of the conversation? Past interactions? Who knows. Could've been anything. What I do know is, Rob Liefeld effectively just destroyed most, if not all, of the good will he's built up. That image[/pun] he had of being this nice positive guy? Yeah, no.

He turns himself into the stereotypical internet troll, picking public fights with people seemingly out of nowhere...and I guess he thinks that's him sticking it to the man? Or being the little guy standing up to the evil giant that is poorly-run corporate comics?

I don't like Rob Liefeld's work.

And until he grows up, I don't like Rob Liefeld.

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2 Re: Rob Liefeld vs the World on Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:38 am

I don't know. As I read it, Liefeld made a comment that DC was devolving into an all-Batman course... which is something I've personally talked about with friends.

Snyder somehow thought Liefeld was saying something about him... for some reason. Can't really figure out why, since it was just a general statement about Batman comics, but maybe there is something I missed there. Asked him, and was given the answer of, basically, you aren't the only one working on Batman, which I certainly took as a "no" with the built-in ability of not having to declare who it was he was speaking of.

At that point, it could have ended... but Snyder kept it up, eventually declaring that Batman was selling because of the creators. (Which, by the by, is kind of a crock. You could put no-name hacks on Batman for a year before seeing the hint of a hurt in sales for that book. I'm not saying Snyder is a bad writer - quite the opposite, as I've enjoyed his run on Batman so far. I'm just saying that a computerized script generator could keep the sales of Batman running for a long time simply because Batman is Batman.)

Then it kinda devolves from that point. Liefeld does overreact, but given the stress of the situation overall, and that he felt (regardless of fact) he was being attacked, I'm not that shocked.

And as for Tom Breevort? While I don't approve of the personal attacks and name calling, it was none of his business.

Of course, not being a fan of Tom Breevort myself, and knowing a bit of the history between Marvel and Liefeld, while I don't approve, I "get" it a bit.

The whole thing should never have been public, though. I blame all the children for that, but Liefeld first and foremost, especially for taking the picture of the private messages. Once it went public, there should have been someone willing to drop the matter like a man, but the petulant childishness won out.

I'm unimpressed with all of these people. Think before you tweet, folks. And man-up.

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3 Re: Rob Liefeld vs the World on Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:54 am

Snyder and Rob were talking back and forth privately then Rob took it public.

Snyder eventually did the right thing by apologizing for falling into this crap.

Liefeld is a joke. Hopefully someone hacked his Twitter because I don't see how he could have thought anything positive would come of this. As I said for years now, his art has not grown. He still draws the same as he did back in the 90s. Like we said on our show Twitter needs a drunk tweet filter where it confirms if you want to send a bullshit tweet.

And I'm not saying Rob doesn't have a right to be frustrated with DC editorial. He could have spoke about that in public. But he should have done it tastefully.

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