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Green Lantern Ring / Comic / Figure / Accessories / Other SWAP!!!

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Hey everyone, I've been wanting to do this for a while but I wanted to start a Green Lantern trade thing! You can buy/sell/trade anything Green Lantern here!

My want list:
Any rings not in my picture.
Most of the 2nd series Green Lantern comics (Hal's first run) before issue 120.
Green Lantern Movie Masters figure (in box): Hammond, Zed, Morro, and Parallax. (If anyone just has the Parallax part that cam with Hammond I will be willing just to trade for that because I really don't want Hammond, lol)
Any Mask I don't have.
Any Lanterns from action figures.
Anything else you have that you may want to trade I want to see!
I'm also looking for Captain Planet Rings and other comics, etc rings.

My Collection!:

My Trades!:
Series 2: Isses #70, #171, #180, Red Lanterns #9

I found more stuff:

I also have the full GL cardoard cutout from the video game that hasen't been used.

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I got a box of rings today I'll trade ya!

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gland wrote:I got a box of rings today I'll trade ya!

Lol, no.

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