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OT. Promethus. And yes of course spoilers.

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1 OT. Promethus. And yes of course spoilers. on Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:14 pm

Just heard your discussion. Would like to put in my 2cents.
First And foremost the planet. It is most certainly earth. Which is why the next cut takes us to ireland.
Second I dont think david was truly loved by weyland. He does mention that he is like a son he never had. Yet mentions in the same breath that he is a souless creation that will live forever and never learn to love.
Third the event is most certainly around the age of christ. Christ was crucified year 33-37 ad. 64 ad rome burned to the ground. If we look at the time line thats roughly 30 years. 30 years later is the year 94 ad which 2000 years later promethus lands on lv-223.
Fourth with that above yes they were getting ready to be rid of this. Or mostly using us as experiments. For example the black plague of europe. Black plague black goo.
Fifth item. We have jurassic park. God creates man. Man kills god. Man becomes god. David proves we become gods.
Sixth proto alien isnt a proto alien. Its a queen. Look at the mouth as well as head plate.
Seventh david didnt know exactly what would happen. He wanted to test the goo. So he used the guy that was a dickhole.
Seventh avp could still exist in this time line. For all we know the preds found the engineers just like we did and came to earth.
Eight this begins a direct prequel. With the messge she says she would leave a trail.

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