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Leaving Money on the Table: A Look at the Series of Future DC Collectibles Convention Exclusive 3.75" Line...

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Okay, I know that we saw Kyle and Kilowog already, and that there is a thread about it... but I wanted to rant, because, these look like they are fantastic figures, and if the final products come out anything like these prototypes, why in the name of capitalism is DC Collectibles not offering them more widely? Take a look:

I... I just don't understand. Having these as convention exclusives means restricting the number of consumers that can get these, and ensuring that the only extra profits made on them will be on the aftermarket, which DC Collectibles will not see one red cent of.

I didn't get it with the rainbow Hals, and I sure don't get it with these. Can anybody explain how this is good for DC Collectibles?

Sure, demand is good... if you are supplying. But to increase demand and not be on the supplying end?

Arghgh! I'm pretty sure this business model would have made my college economics teacher's head explode.

The figures look amazing, and that "it'll never happen" playset is fantastic. The figures, as a matter of fact, look good enough that I'd seriously reconsider my stance against the 3.75" scale if they were widely available.

Lucky for me, DC Collectibles has taken care of that. They don't want my money.

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It's probably part of a non-competitive clause in the Mattel contract. Mattel sells the movie figures near that size and those infinite heroes. They can probably get away with regular scale dc direct figures because they predate the mattel contract and are grandfathered in. But I wouldn't be surprised if we see the leftovers pop up online, or better yet, keep all of them in production for all cons, so next con you can pick up 2 sets.

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I agree these figures do look great...and there's an Isamot Kol figure...AWESOME!

I read somewhere that they are waiting to see how the fans react to the 3.75" figures before the go ahead and produce them and that they have ideas around a Batman line with a Batcave as the playset...

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Choanata did you have to change your pants?

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WOOOOOAH that looks amazing.

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Corwin wrote:Choanata did you have to change your pants?

I do like them, I like the Kilowog and Kyle for sure. I think they are a great size, not a horrible price point considering they are con exclusives and will be charging $27 plus shipping per each He-Man figure next year.

But for some reason there is nothing that screams out "I HAVE TO COLLECT THEM ALL!!!!". I don't know what it is. I like the character selection (Bleeze and Atrocitus are highlights for me), they all look great for 3.75" scale. I think the problem I might be having here is the playset they are all displayed on and the set up of the figures. It looks kind of...over crowded?

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The word you're looking for is "awesome".

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Just saw it on facebook. I totally want the display. It would look amazing as a centerpiece where all the gl figures are surrounded. However if it is indeed a con wxclusive that just out right sucks.

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