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Looking Back on Alan Scott...

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1 Looking Back on Alan Scott... on Sun Jul 01, 2012 9:04 pm

So with the new Earth 2 series, we've been talking an awful lot on the show about Alan Scott. Well, this week is the release of the new origin surrouding Alan. So I was thinking it'd be proper to look back on Alan and talk about him.

So what's your favorite Alan stories? Whats your favorite thing about the character? What are you looking forward to about the new series? What do you think about the impact and history of the character since the golden age on comics? What do you think about his interaction and role with Kyle? How about his extended family that may or may not be gone (Jade and Obsidian)?

As you can tell, essentially just anything and everything you feel about the character. Even comment on the "controversy" surrounding him currently if you so choose.

But since this is such a huge new step for the character...why not look back on 70 plus years of history and have a conversation?

Just a thought...

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2 Re: Looking Back on Alan Scott... on Sun Jul 01, 2012 9:18 pm

"looking at Alan Scott's back"? lol, oh wait, you said the old Alan not the new one.

I really loved him in Kyle's run when he was a mentor and one of the only people Kyle had to talk to about his problems. I loved his relationship with Thorn and the Golden Age Harleyquin. (which Rachel and I love becuase I'm a GL fan and shes a Harley Quinn Fan).

I don't think its a "huge new step for the character". At this point it isn't going to be the same character. He is more of a "based on" the old character, then just a new direction.

I'm most interested in if they are going to have Obsidian and Jade or not. I never loved the characters but I liked them a lot and knew more about them then many other DC characters when I was younger.

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3 Re: Looking Back on Alan Scott... on Mon Jul 02, 2012 3:25 am

I was a pretty big fan of Alan Scott. (Already sounding like a eulogy. Ah, well... my Alan Scott is gone.)

Likely, the era of stories that I enjoyed most were when Alan stepped in to be a mentor to Kyle. I enjoyed that interaction so much. Despite the fact that they derived their powers from different sources, it was every bit a "passing of the baton" situation. In fact, the pairing of Kyle and Alan echoed so much the pairing of Wally West and Jay Garrick that I think that is a major reason that Kyle and Wally were accepted as the heirs to the throne so well. And, it is no secret (as I've made various posts about it over the years) that I wanted Kyle to eventually become the heir apparent to the Starheart.

I also enjoyed Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold #3 (from the limited series), where Alan, Hal, Barry, and Jay take off on a camping trip to another planet. Just a fun story.

Alan Scott as the leader of the JSA, though, was some of my favorite use of the character. It emphasized the power of the character - putting a Green Lantern in the defacto Superman position of that team.

If you aren't that familiar with Alan Scott, though, treat yourself to Green Lantern: Brightest Day/Blackest Night by Steven T. Seagle and John K. Snyder III. It is a story of the first meeting of Alan Scott and Solomon Grundy. The story is good, but, man oh man, you are picking this up for the John K. Snyder III art. This is one of the most beautifully painted books you'll ever see. I have, several times, tried to buy original pages from this book.

As for the character of Alan Scott, you know what I'm gonna miss a lot? The costume. That costume would NEVER happen nowadays. You have a character named "Green Lantern," and you put him in a red shirt and a purple cape?!?

Was it kinda ridiculous? Sure, but it was also distinctive. I remember the first time I was at a con and saw someone dressed in that costume. I had seen better, more "professional" looking costumes that day, but I gotta say, it was my favorite, because it was exactly what you see on the page, no apologies.

I'll miss Alan.

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4 Looking Back on Alan Scott... on Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:00 pm

There is a lot that I'd love to go over, but where to really start! So I'll keep it as basic as possible. The reason that I truely love Alan Scott is because he truly is a regular guy with a good heart. Even with all the power that he has had and through everything he has been through, he is the type of person that I would be honored to be like. Caring, supportive, loyal, willing to make the difficult decisions, high idealist, trustworthy, classical code of honor, a father, and best of all... a true friend! In an odd way he reminds me of my grandfather and seems to represent all the qualities that he tried to instill in me.

Sure, Kyle is the artist. Guy is the hothead. John the Military type. Hal the cocky pilot. But Alan, he is the one that we as normal people and readers can easily identify with the most.

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